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Programming that Empowers Economic Mobility & Community Engagement
The Warhol Academy’s programming includes single and multi-day training sessions for participants to learn from practicing professionals with experience in in-demand creative and technical skills as well as experts who teach the soft skills needed for learners to have a strong foundation to build up their professional development. We focus on empowering communities of people who are statistically underrepresented in the creative and technical industries including BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and women to be able to achieve their goals as job seekers, business owners, and change-makers here in the Pittsburgh region.
Approximately 6-8 people seated in a large classroom with one person standing at the front of the room.
Digital Marketing Program
In this 24-week, part time, hybrid program, participants gain real-world, project-based experience from instructors who are practicing professionals.

Plan and conduct outreach campaigns, collect and analyze metrics to measure impact on your target audience, and leverage data outcomes to better tell your organization's story.

Learn more about our program overview HERE.

This training is for those working in marketing and outreach roles who are seeking to take this program for professional development or personal growth.
Digital Documentary Production
This 20-week, project-based Digital Documentary Fellowship employs project-based learning with a focus on documentary filmmaking.

Through classroom instruction, hands-on training, and collaborative self-directed projects, fellows will gain practical skills in storytelling, cinematography, sound recording, and editing.

Opportunities to engage in client fulfillment productions, including assisting The Warhol: Creative in developing content for The Andy Warhol Museum, The Pop District, and other professional clients.

Applications for the Fall 2023 cohort will be available on this page in July.
Radical Urban Silkscreen Team: one white person and one Black person stand around a white table. A third, Black person is using a silkscreen on the table.
(Radical Urban Silkscreen Team)
Offered by our Artist Educators at The Andy Warhol Museum
RUST is a summer learning opportunity for youth ages 15-18 to explore Pittsburgh’s activism past and present by collaborating with grassroots organizations to create a range of print materials that promote social justice, environmental and humanitarian issues to promote the voices and missions of local community organizations. 40 total hours of programming takes place over a two week period. Participants will receive a stipend upon completion of the program. Applications will be available on The Andy Warhol Museum’s Event Calendar.
Power Up program participants, most of whom are Black high-school aged women, standing in a semicircle holding posters
Power Up
Offered by our Artist Educators at the Andy Warhol Museum
This hands-on learning opportunity focuses on high-school aged women who are employed by the museum to learn digital imaging, writing, design and print skills that empower students to express their voices to wider audiences as advocates for themselves and issues important to their communities. 40 total hours of programming takes place over a two week period. Participants will receive a stipend upon completion of the program and have an opportunity to market their creations at The Andy Warhol Museum’s annual Block Party event. Applications will be available on The Andy Warhol Museum’s Event Calendar in May.

Growing Our Ecosystem

We host workshops and other events such as The Network Factory and Speakers Series to help small businesses, nonprofit and public sector organizations, and startups grow their capacity to be competitive and impactful in their respective missions. These series include a mix of technical, creative, entrepreneurial, and soft skills that are complementary to growing economic mobility for the employees of these organizations as well as the clients and customers they serve. 

Workshops and events can be found on our

Capacity Building Workshops


Strategic investment in local and national artists to enhance neighborhood aesthetic, beautification, and community engagement.

Digital Marketing

New spaces for creative economy workforce programs, focusing on digital marketing and 21st century skillset development.  
Digital Marketing
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