106 Isabella St, Floor 7
Featuring a classroom, conference rooms, co-working space, a flex studio, & a production studio
Two white people stand against a neon background featuring a repeating graphic of hops. The person in the center is holding a screenprinting screen.
20 E General Robinson St
Screenprinting studio adorned with Marilyn Monroe neon lights, Warhol prints, purple booths & 60-inch screens for your next networking event, company party, or art night
Over the Rainbow mural by Typoe in Silver Street, with hanging string lights and people socializing in the alley
Alley adjacent to The Andy Warhol Museum, accessible from Sandusky St, currently displaying Over The Rainbow, 2021, by Typoe
Pop Park featuring Social Sculpture by Michael Loveland; with a few people standing in the foreground and around the perimeter of Pop Park
Rosa Villa
Public art installation space currently featuring
Social Sculpture, 2022, by Michael Loveland
In the Pop District production studio, two white people stand behind a camera pointed towards a Black person whose back is turned to show off the graphic on their jacket. The jacket graphic reads "BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY" and displays a print of Malcolm X giving a speech.
Pop District HQ
"Netflix-ready” industry level studio  fully equipped for high-tier content creation, filming, & photography
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